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 1.      Universal Hovercraft - Plans and kits for homebuilder, 1-10 person re

creational crafts.
-- http://www.hovercraft.com/   Recreation: Boating: Power Boating: Hovercraft   (28)

  1. Hovercraft Sales - Distributor of personal recreational machines, with maintenance tips and suggested uses.
    -- http://www.hovercraftsales.com/   Business: Consumer Goods and Services: Boating: Boats: Hovercraft   (21)
  2. 4wings Hovercraft Development - Links to hovercraft plans, maintenance information, tips and tricks on materials, suppliers, epoxy sandwich construction, clubs, and forum discussions.
    -- http://www.4wings.com/   Recreation: Models: RC: RC Hovercraft   (3)
  3. AirLift Hovercraft Web Site - Designer - builder of 1 - 29 pax craft.
    -- http://www.airlifthovercraft.com/   Recreation: Boating: Power Boating: Hovercraft   (28)
  4. Neoteric Hovercraft Inc. - Manufacturer of commercial, rescue and recreational hovercraft. Provides general and company specific hovercraft information, pictures and online ordering.
    -- http://www.neoterichovercraft.com/   Business: Consumer Goods and Services: Boating: Boats: Hovercraft   (21)
  5. Ogre   - Tactical ground combat games set in the next century, with hovercraft, tanks, infantry, tactical nukes, and a giant cybernetic tank called the Ogre.
    -- http://www.sjgames.com/ogre/   Games: Board Games: Science Fiction: Ogre   (1)
  6. HovercraftModels.com - Plans and kits to build and fly your own RC hovercraft.
    -- http://www.hovercraftmodels.com/   Shopping: Recreation: Models: Radio Control   (5)
  7. Hovertravel Hovercraft - Supply new and pre-owned amphibious Griffon hovercraft in Southern Africa. From 5 to 100 seater craft.
    -- http://www.hovercraft.co.za   Business: Transportation and Logistics: Maritime: Equipment and Supplies   (1)
  8. Hovercraft open directory
  9. Hovercraft Consultants Ltd. - Suppliers and designers of flexible tanks (water, effluent, and fuel). Also designs and manufactures skirts for all sizes of hovercraft.
    -- http://www.hovercraftconsultants.co.uk   Business: Consumer Goods and Services: Boating: Parts and Supplies: Accessories   (1)
  10. Hovercraft History and Hovercraft Museum - Contains articles, photographs, history, exhibits, technical details, and biography of Christopher Cockerell.
    -- http://www.hover.globalinternet.co.uk/   Regional: Europe: United Kingdom: Recreation and Sports: Transport: Maritime   (1)
  11. Wildcat Hovercraft - Hovercraft racing and corporate entertainment specialists.
    -- http://www.wildcathovercraft.co.uk   Regional: Europe: United Kingdom: England: Berkshire: Maidenhead: Recreation and Sports   (1)
  12. Broome Hovercraft Tours - Offers tours within Roebuck Bay. Tour highlights, map, image gallery, and pricing included.
    -- http://www.broomehovercraft.com.au/   Regional: Oceania: Australia: Western Australia: Localities: B: Broome: Travel and Tourism: Travel Services   (1)


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Austrian Airlines - constantly on the move



  Hotels, Car Hire, Sightseeing & Transfers

Welcome to James' Hovercraft Site and the JHS Concorde Site


     Hovercraft - Hov Pod                  



     Hover-shuttle , LLC                  


     Building a 3 seat hovercraft     



     The Hovercraft Homepage olshov   








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To get started, see:

Alex's Hovercraft Stuff

and, for hobby hovercrafting, also start with

The Hovercrafter's Resource



Eric Goldstein's Hovercraft Bookmarks

Some of the following may have gone defunct, or will defunctify soon, but I'm leaving them in so that you can use them as a starting point for a search for similar info. Sometimes, for example, manually shortening the address and reloading will yield a good site.

It has been a few years since I started this list, and in that time, sure enough, a bunch of the following links did die. But fortunately, a new dynamic list, the Hover Ring Web Ring has appeared thanks to Mark Fletcher. Check out the list of sites on the
Hover Ring.

Update for Summer 2002: It has been a few more years now, and this page of links is seriously in need of an updating. I'll be updating this list little by little in conjunction with the launch of Goldstein Hovercraft, LLC's web site. But for now, I'll leave this old version of the list of links up on the web in the hope that at least some of the links will be alive and interesting to someone.


Hoverclubs, Chapters, Organizations, and area-specific groups of enthusiasts

Hoverclub of America Inc The HOA is on the web! Check out the interesting articles!


Hovercraft Club of Sweden

Hoverclub of Canada

Canadian Air Cushion Technology Society

Anjou Aeroglisseurs

Australian Hovercraft Federation Great online newsletter

Hoverclub of Great Britain

Association of Search and Rescue Hovercraft A UK registered charity

The Hovercraft Museum

Wellington and Wairarapa Hover Club Home Page New Zealand Hovercrafters



 Great British Heritage Pass - Buy Online

From London to US





Enthusiast Pages 060407

An Alaskan Commute

Jim's Hovercraft Material HoverDynamics RX2000 fans unite!

scat owner, a fe w photos

Ken Blackburn pap er airplane record holder, scat driver (minimal hovercraft content, but like-min ded fun)

The REAL Story of the Hovercraft Mark Fletcher's description of his father's invention. (The story of the multiple origins of the hovercraft is complicated and controversial, but here's some very nice data for those investigating the issue.)

Ed Boston's Home Page A great UH-15P/Triflyer construction photo essay

Greg Brungardt's UH-15PProject And another one!

Building a Sevtec Prospector Dr. Ian Cummings' page

JCHovernut's Home Page John Carter, Sevtec Enthusiast (Go Navy!)   Base price: $24,800

"Rebel" Hovercraft Design in South Carolina

Mr. Dusty's page Click on the blue Scat hovercraft for Scat and HoverDynamics info

NBHS Hovercr aft and Eastside Racing

Hovercraft Racer Under Construction

Nils from Oslo

Matt Cook's web site See my Chicago area hovercrafting page for more stories about Matt

Paul Esterle -- one of the founders of the Hoverclub of America

Keith Oakley's Page

Kirk Swaney's Home Page

Steve's Hovercraft


Eric Tilton's Hovercraft Home Pa ge

Cushionflight Antique Hovercrafts

Paul Taylor and Family< /A>

Paul Taylor and Family (out of date?)

Pascal Lepicier's Page

Pascal Lepicier's page (out of date?)

Ping's page

Eric's Hovercraft Page

Edward Hurns Hovercraft Race Report

Marie Horn's Page

Stew's Hovercraft Page

Douglas Miner


String's Home Page You may need to hunt around here too -- Can anyone help this guy with a burned piston?

Louise Sherlock's Home Page


Claude's Cyber-Home Page

The Phil Whitney Hovercraft p age

Cool Stuff I've Built

Pools, hot tubs and hovercraft This one isn't finished yet.

D. Ingles

Pics of SCAT II Hovercraft

Alan Orchard

Chris Potter's Cross-Channel Hovercraft Page + Official Web Site for the Hovercraft Museum

Chris Potter's larger faster mirror+stuff page

Jeff Stefanini's Home Page A book in progress on the LCAC

Mac's LCAC Web Page.html

Rick Ponzo : Landing Craft Air Cushion....(LCAC)

Oregon Hovercraft's Tiger Project

HoverQuest Polar Expedition Wow. This is amazing. But these guys need funds -- can you help?

3 "C"'S MARINA (Dale Cook, Hovercraft, Alaska)

Hoovers! -- pics and info on two large hovercrafts (AP188 and the LACV) encountered by Dave Read


Hovercraft Plans and Kits

Universal Hovercraft Hovercraft plans galore -- models, kid-sized crafts, human-powered crafts, 1 person racers, 2-4 person cruisers, 20 foot long hovercampers, etc.

Universal Hovercraft Shop/Bill and Bob Zang The UH line of crafts in kit form. They also will build parts (have them build the duct for you), as well custom-build whole crafts.

BARRY PALMER'S SEVTEC SURFAC E SKIMMER SEV PROGRAM A wonderful site! Lots of great info and pictures!  Total cost of construction, including engine and critical parts kits for Scout  is $1400 to $1900, and some 90 to 270 man hours.

Oregon Hovercraft Ingenious foam hovercraft kits, used crafts, and more.

Paul Rainwater's hoverc raft plans

Data Boat Plans International

Pegasus A hovercraft for kids. The Pegasus looks pretty but has frustrated many adult builders over the years who expected to be able to go hovering themselves. It will probably only provide a stable platform for an adult after extensive modification.

Tri-Flyer This is a great Bob Windt design. Builders will want to compare and contrast this craft with the UH-15P at the Universal Hovercraft site.



Hovercraft Companies (See Ferries for more)

Large Hovercrafts

Griffon Hovercraft Ltd English Hovercraft Manufacturer - payloads ranging from 375 kgs (825 lbs) to 7 tonnes (15,400 lbs) - or 5 to 80 passengers. Also: Hovercraft For Sale Used Griffon Hovercraft for sale

Waterside Marine Technology Highly experienced hovercraft consultants and designers

Alaska Hovercraft Buy or lease large passenger or cargo hovercrafts

HoverWork Home Page Got a big job and you need a big hovercraft? Hoverwork is the ultimate hovercraft contractor.

Welcome to Hoverspeed Fast Ferries

Hovertravel (South Africa)

Hovercraft Services A Dutch Hovercraft Contractor.

Scat Hovercraft The new Scat -- Based in Singapore, now with large ferries and military applications.

NQEA Australian Company -- shows craft with electro-magnet docking boon

Small (and medium sized) Hovercrafts

Weber Hovercrafts

Aeromobile Inc. ACV Pioneer Dr. William Bertelson's company. Amphibious and tracked hovercraft product lines.

Neoteric Hovercraft, Inc Neoteric's hovercrafts come with brakes and reverse!

RS DesignsHovercraft supplier

Australian, f unky looking small sport and cargo hovercraft

Nell FabricationAustralian Hovercraft Specialist

Sensor 300 ACV A mostly Japanese-language site with great pictures

Marine Flight Hovercraft English builders of the Osprey range of Hovercraft

Canair Hovercrafts

Amphibious Marine Technology   Custom builds Sevtec crafts - 1 person to 30 person crafts. fire800

GPL Enterprises Makers of 1-12 person crafts, located in Delray Beach, Florida, USA

Hovercraft Concepts, Inc Miami-based manufacturer of sharp looking recreational hovercrafts. Look under "Boats" at the nauticalworld site

Hovercraft Concepts, Inc

Itaska Marine Center Hovercraft Concepts Aerocruiser Dealer in Minnesota, USA

RS Hovercraft A Finnish hovercraft maker


St. Louis Hovercraft The Hoverclub's Michael Murphy provides: Supplies for homebuilders, Hovertechnics sales and service, and hovercraft rides.

Starspray -- Australia

East Coast Hovercraft an Australian company

Medway Performance Hovercraft MPH for short.

A New Zealand Hovercraft trip

Air Cushion Concepts

OSPREY HOVERCRAFT (PHIL.) INC. See Paul Taylor's site above for more info on Osprey Hovercrafts.

Osprey Hvoercrafts (Phil.)

Halverson Hovercraft - Wisconsin, USA

Industrial Object's concept vehicle

Hoverworld USA! Learn to ride a hovercraft in Long Beach, California


Charles Beyer - Air Cushion Technologies - Oregon

What is a Hoverlifter? Hey, hey, the Hoverclub of America's own Terry Chapman and Matt Litter!

Scat Hovercraft The new Scat -- Based in Singapore.

Canadian Hovercraft

Pegasus Aviation (Cyclone H overcraft)

Hovercraft America -- Rescue

Inflatable Boats and Accessories from JPW inc Looks interesting, but these folks say they've got something better than a hovercraft. Impossible!

Nizhny Novgorod Aircraft Building Plant JSC

Berita penuh


This may have historic interest

   The following is also kind of an odd ball

Go here and click on "Rumble in the Bronx" to see the Canadian Coast Guard use one of the last SR-N6s in the world to run over a.... ....Great picture!
Also see the Canadian Coast Guard's official ACV site:

Canadian Coast Guard ACVs

Hovercrafts at School (K-12)

Whitman Element ary k-12 hovercraft

Buckman k-12 hovercraft


Mossville This one is under constuction

How to Make a Flying Saucer Spacecraft (hovercraft) Describes one way to make the electric student-lifting hovercrafts shown in the previous three sites.

1997 Human-Powered Hovercraft Competition! A chance for kids to do somethng truly revolutionary!

NBHS Hovercraft

k12 hover


Models and toys

Kits and plans you can buy right now

Universal Hovercraft Inexpensive plans for three types of affordable, easy-to-build high performance model hovercrafts. I highly recommend these plans.

Traplet Online Catalog At least two hovercraft plans are listed here. Use the catalog search engine twice, once for "hovercraft" and again for " finger trouble". Finger Trouble is by Mark Porter.

Kinetic's Hovercraft consultants and model hovercraft kit manfacturers. The kits are bit pricy but no more so than r/c airplane and car kits available elsewhere, and the models work well.

Proops Hovercraft kit a simple lift-only model hovercraft kit for sale; click on "kits" and then wait for "hovercraft kit" option to appear.

two amazing British modelers

Kevin Jackson's Model Hovercrafting page

Mark Porter's Model Hovercrafting page

RC Hover crafts from Terre HauteThe fantastic crafts from Southern Illinois Universit y and a funny reference to me.

Jon Schlee's Model Hovercraft Page

The Australian Hovercraft Federation's Model Hovercraft page

Tim Pryor's Model Hovercrafting page Tim is the editor of the Australian Hovercraft Federation's magazine -- this is his personal page.

David Moran's page Includes plans for a hovercraft.

A very interesting German-language page

Another very interesting German-language page

Benson High School's Industrial Technology Competition Day

the MATTEL "air pro jetpuck" in use at a physics lab. I don't know if these are currently for sale.

scale models

Scale models In general, search on the web for "Soviet air-cushion landing crafts" by Shangha i Dragon models. The same company also includes an LCAC model with their "US Ma rine Amphibious Force".

Alex's R/C Hovercraft section


Archer Models -- A scale model of the SK-5 hovercraft used by the US Military in Vietnam and back home by the U.S. and Canadian Coast Guards. A rare product! (Now discontinued, but I'll leave the link in as data for collectors) 

Robot Wars 1995  

Stargrunt Vehicles & Accessories: Light Hover Jeep  



Stew's Hovercraft Page 

Most of the enthusiast pages above could be classified as sport pages, but here's a few more sites that about recreational hovercrafting....  

The Times on Hovercraft Racing Comical British Report

Edward Hurns Hover craft Race Report  

Picture of a scat hovercraft with an ultralight


Zubr - The largest hovercraft in the world.

Naval Museums

Air-Supported Vehicles Program Index



GPL Enterprises Makers of 1-4 person crafts, located in Delray Beach, Florida, USA 


More Ferries

Toledo Hovercraft Ferries Could it be possible? Giant hovercraft ferries in N. America???  

y-simizu hover craft page

Getting to the Winter Coast of Russia
And More Ferry Services

Welcome to Hoverspeed Fast Ferries 


Bombay: Urban Transport (Taxis, Buses, Railways, Hovercraft


Utility Hovercrafts

Flymo Lawn Mowers Inventors of the Air Cushion Lawn Mower


How to Build a Hovercraft

Home Built Hovercraft.


Naval hovercraft pubs ~

Collection of l inks


   Hovercraft Related Vehicles:   


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