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Bulletin 13


Number 13   Special World Championship 2006 Bulletin         April 2006

I was my pleasure to be invited by the President of Club Anjou Aéroglisseurs to their World Championships planning meeting on Saturday 18th March at Lac du Tolerme in France. I also met with the local Mayor and the Chairman of the local community who will be supporting them. I was most impressed by all their planning and pleased with the progress they have made. It seems to me that they have been most thorough and professional in their approach and have given every thought to make us welcome. I have no doubt that we will enjoy the very best of World Hovercraft Championships.

If you are going to the World Championships and have not yet registered please do so as soon as you can. It is difficult enough to organize a World Championship – It’s even more difficult when you don’t know how many drivers and supporters will be there..!! Let’s not make the Organizers job even harder. If it’s the cost you’re concerned about the French Organizers have indicated that the only charges will be a WHF fee of 5 € per driver, plus insurance, (unless you have HCGB insurance), and 15 € for each non- driver for the special Saturday meal. That’s all. The rest of the cost will be covered by sponsorship.

Several points were discussed and agreed at the meeting and I list them below for your information. Please circulate this Bulletin as widely as you can to anyone intending to go to the Championships.

 Tony Drake JP. President of the World Hovercraft Federation


·        All registrations must be made by Monday July 19th July on the WHC web site at  www.whc2006.com. All payments (in euro cash) and racing document inspection / personal registration must be made no later than Tuesday 22nd August. This includes non-driver meals. (The correct number of meals will be ordered last thing Tuesday evening and it will not be possible to add meals after this).

Formula 25 / Endurance Racing (Er):

·        The French Organizers have confirmed that they will run F25 as an integral part of each leg of Er plus a separate final race. F25 craft will have the opportunity, if they wish, to simultaneously compete in both their own formula and Er and the laps for each will be counted and awarded as appropriate.

o       The first designated number of laps will count toward F25 and normal Championship rules apply during this period. After the designated number of laps Er rules will apply.

o       The reasons behind this are two fold:

§         Grave pressure on the programme timing with the introduction of Er and F50.

§         Lack of F25 entries and Er so combination gives a better public spectacle.

Multiple F50/FS Entries:

It is anticipated by the Organizers that heats will be required for F2, and possibly FS. If after registration has closed (19th July) it is apparent that heats will be required for FS, with the inherent time requirements on the programme, the Organizers are asking that drivers registering with a craft for F50 should NOT be allowed to enter FS. Following full discussion with the French Organizers the WHF Technical Director and President have agreed to this.

Furthermore it may, dependent on the number of entries, be necessary to restrict craft that have registered for both F50 and FS to F50 practice and time trials.

Multiple F50/FS Entries (Continued):

o       The facts of the matter are that the World Championship Organizers are bending over backwards to allow the trial introduction of F50. Undoubtedly the additional F50 races  and practice will put severe pressure on the programme and the possible excluding F50 drivers from FS during what is the first trial period for F50 will enable a practical event programme.

Time between races:

·        The Organizers have been approached by drivers who intend / have registered with a single craft suitable to enter F2, F50, and FS who are asking that extra time be allowed between races if these are next to each other in the programme, or become adjacent to each other if a red flag occurs and races are re-arranged. While the Organizers are very prepared to consider this it may not be possible due to a very heavy programme aggravated by the introduction of F50. The WHF Technical Director and President fully support this approach.


·        Saturday the 19th of August is the very earliest date we may arrive on site BUT there will not be any site security for craft etc until Monday. Also, most of the Event facilities will not be available until that day.

·        Provision has been made for campers / tents etc on site but depending on the numbers it maybe they will be very close together. The French are very aware of the problem and are proposing that they will camp in a different inferior area, without electricity and not close to facilities, so visitors will have the best area. Camping will be in area 5 on the map as shown on the web site at www.whc2006.com. Large campers will be directed to one part with smaller campers and tents to another part of it to make best use of space. (When campers are parked up it may be difficult to leave the site until the Championships have finished).

General (continued):

·        There will not be any fuel available at the site because of insurmountable safety and re-sale issues. However, fuel is available in a large village close by about 6km (10 mins) away. Nearer the time a map will be issued by the Organizers giving direction both in distance and time of several fuel locations. The map will also include locations of laundry facilities, shops and other essentials etc. Apparently metal cans are preferred for fuel.

·        There will mains electricity, 220 volt single phase, available in the paddock and campsite area

·        Arrangements will be made to have bread and basic food and supplies  delivered each day on site. Also efforts are being made to have “all day” basic food available in the paddock area.

·        The Organizers have confirmed that they will definitely be using the HCGB electronic lap scoring system (It is hoped that it will be able to handle the noise measurement for Er as well).

·        It has been agreed that Paul Taylor, and his team from Great Britain, will be taking video and photos during the Championships, which will be on sale shortly afterwards.

·        The special Saturday meal and all other ceremonies will take place on the race site

·        Club Anjou will bring as much workshop / welding facilities as they have and will be made available for competent persons to use..!!

·        Dogs are allowed on the site providing they are kept under strict control, but not in the paddock or on the race course during practices/races.

·        The nearest airport to the site is Toulouse – some disagreement on distance and time but generally thought to be 180km 2 hours.

·        Contrary to popular belief there is good mobile phone reception in the area and on the race site. The provider is “F13”..!!

It is hoped that the information on the previous pages will give you some additional detail but if you need any further information please contact the following:

For World Hovercraft Federation Regulations:

·        Bob Rennick, WHF Technical Director, at


For General and Event enquiries:

·        Catherine Godicheau, Club Anjou Aéroglisseurs, at


World Hovercraft Federation
Franciscusstraat 41
6681 VP Bemmell
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 481-450471