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World Hovercraft Championships, 2006

In 2006 France will host our World Hovercraft Championship. The event will be held in Latronquiere at Tolerme Lake from 22nd – 27th August 2006. The French organisers have established an excellent web site that will be fully operation in the New Year. Do please have a look at it AND make your reservations early, as it will really help them with their arrangements. The web site can be found at  www.whc2006.com

Endurance Racing

For the fist time ever Endurance Racing (Er) will be included in the World Hovercraft Championships. The French have generously agreed to introduce this prestigious event and we ask that you and your country support this new and imaginative initative, and that you encourage others to do so. We really do need in excess of 20 entries to make this event viable. Further details of Er will be published on the World Championship web site in the near future.

Formula 50

As agreed at the last WHF Board meeting in 2004 a specific new formula, Formula 50 will be introduced on a trial basis in the 2006 World Championships.

The qualification for this formula will be:

  • Craft with single Rotax 503 engine. (maximum re-bore for maintenance to 508 cc) or Fuji Robin EC44. No other engines will be permitted.
  • Single fan, single duct integrated craft (Fans of less than 300mm used solely for engine cooling will not be counted).
  • Single or twin carburetors maximum diameter of 37mm.
  • Standard Rotax 503, or Fuji Robin EC 44, 2 into 1 exhaust system (positional modifications to allow safe fitting of the exhaust to the hull are permitted, but the exhaust must remain dimensionally the same).
  • It is likely that the organizers may restrict drivers who enter Formula 50 from entering in other formulae because of time pressures within their programme caused by the introduction of F50.

Junior Teams

Team racing will be permitted for Formula Junior in the 2006 World Championships (This is an extension to the experiment in 2004 in Berlin to encourage as many of our young drivers for the future to take part in our sport at the highest level).

The rules are as follows

·         Junior Teams must be genuine schools, college or youth groups.

·         Junior Teams may have a maximum of 4 drivers.

·         Junior Drivers cannot be in more than one team or if they choose to be in a Team cannot race as an individual.

·         Teams must register the names of all Drivers when initially registering to part in the World Championship.

·         Teams must inform the organizers prior to any race or practice who the Driver will be. (This is to ensure that the organizers know at any time, for health and safety reasons etc., who is actually participating).

·         As time trials will determine the first grid position the Team Driver with lowest time will start the first race.

We have also received a proposal that we allow Formula 50 craft to be used in Junior racing at World Championships, as they are for example in the UK, and Europe. You will be asked to vote on this issue later in this bulletin.

World Hovercraft Federation Award for Excellence

Each year the WHF consider making their prestigious award for excellence to an individual, company, group or country that has made a major contribution to the world of hovercrafting. If you have any suggestions or nominations for 2005 please send them to the WHF secretary wordhovercraftfederation@planet.nl

(Past recipients include Barry Oakley for the work he has done as Race Director for many years at national, international and world level, Sir Christopher Cockerell for his work on Hovercraft development, Dr Bertelsen for his work on hovercraft technology, John Gifford on behalf of Griffon Hovercraft as being the most successful Company world wide, designing and manufacturing intermediate sized commercial hovercraft ,and Jean Claude Delorme for tirelessly organising the Raid on the Rhône for over 14 years).

World Championships 2008.

So far we have only received an indication from Mauritius that they would like to host our Championships in November 2008. If your Country is considering making a bid for 2008 please will you let our Secretary have a provisional notice as soon as possible and certainly by the end of March 2006 so that we can plan for the future.

Two WHF publications which will be helpful to countries considering making an application to host a World Championship are available on our website at www.worldhovercraftfederation.org or www.world-hovercraft-federation.org

  • Information required for World Championship bids. This has been written at the request of member countries that may wish to apply to host a World Championship in the future.
  • Marshalling Guidelines at World Championship events. This has been written by Barry Oakley to assist those organizing events.
   Air Cushion Club of Norway (ACCN)    
Following an unanimous vote in favour we are pleased to welcome the ACCN and the Irish Hovercraft Club to our Federation. Their details are as follows and we look forward to seeing them at our next Championships and Board meeting in France and becoming active members.
Name                                                       Air Cushion Club of Norway (ACCN)
Contact person                 Mr. Ørnulf Østbye, secretary

Address                             Limhusveien 51

                                                                 N-2315 Hamar


Email                                                       accn@iventelo.net

Web site                            www.accn.espn.no

   Irish Hovercraft Club  

Contact person                 David Ryan, secretary

                                                                 29 Windmill Road

                                                                 Crumlin, Dublin 12


Email                                                       hoverireland@yahoo.ie

Web site                            www.hoverireland.com