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siden engelsk :

New hovercraft takes a spin

08:41 AM PDT on Wednesday, August 16, 2006

By GARY CHITTIM / KING 5 News                                  Test video:

SEATTLE – There is something new skimming across the waters of Puget Sound and it deserves a closer look.

Meet the BHT-130, the newest in hovercraft technology, compliments of the Seattle-based Kvichak Marine Industries.

"It operates on a cushion of air. There's two lift engines that flood the skirts with air and lift it up off the water," said Keith Whittemore, Kvichak Marine Industries.

In other words, it floats over water, over land, or wherever.

For local viewers it's just an odd boat, but for people in the remote Alaskan village of King Cove, it can mean the difference between life and death. In winter, that Aleutian Island community is cut off from the rest of the world.



"There have been a lot of accidents, been a lot of challenges and frankly a lot of people dead because they were unable to medivac out to Anchorage or Seattle," said Whittemore.

And because much of the land up there is a wildlife refuge, they needed a craft that can go over the top of it without causing much disruption.

This new hovercraft can go over anything without leaving a mark.

The government would not allow roads to built in this sensitive area and in winter, its airport is unreachable. But this craft can get there, allow an ambulance to drive right on board and take off for the nearest hospital at 45 knots.

Its pilot compares it to riding a giant air hockey puck. You can change directions quickly, but it may take a while for the bow to catch up.

The makers of the hovercraft have made similar vessels, but this is their biggest and most powerful.

        Old hover news :     10:45:29 18. februar 2007

Truck pulled from river
Worcester Telegram - Worcester,MA,USA
The chief said North Brookfield Fire Department brought in its hovercraft, and the men were brought from the truck to shore by firefighters wearing ice ...

Griffon thrilled to deliver first of three vessels
Daily Echo - Southampton,Hampshire,UK
THE first hovercraft to be built in Southampton for the Swedish navy has just been delivered by Griffon Hovercraft in Woolston. ...

Fire service helps Burnham's hovercraft
Burnham & Highbridge Weekly News - Burnham,Somerset,UK
With the hovercraft preparing for another busy tourist season, the newly-acquired gear will be put into use with its two hovercrafts and tow truck. ...
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College student rescues ATV rider who fell through the ice
SouthCoastToday.com - New Bedford,MA,USA
The Lakeville Fire Department received an emergency call at 2:07 pm Sunday and responded with 12 firefighters and a hovercraft utility vehicle. ...

Dragonflight introduces HC 420 Hovercraft
Superyacht News - Ringwood,Hants,UK
Dragonflight Hovercrafts, an innovative new player in the market, has launched the HC 420, a lightweight, aerodynamically designed 42-foot hovercraft for ...

Crews rescue snowmobilers, ATV riders over weekend
WSTM-TV - Syracuse,NY,USA
Dozens of emergency personnel used a helicopter, boats and a hovercraft to rescue the five men from the water. The men were taken to local hospitals and ...
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Morecambe news In Brief
Morecambe Today - Morecambe,England,UK
At the moment the hovercraft is housed in temporary garaging near Morecambe Yacht Club's premises a couple of streets away from the seafront. ...

Human Powered HoverCraft
By david rudd(david rudd)
WatersEdge - http://dumbjock.blogspot.com/index.html

Little Edisons
Cleburne Times-Review - Cleburne,TX,USA
Now in the fourth grade, the future scientist has been refining his award-winning hovercraft for entry in the 2007 CISD Academic Fair. ...

Fire fighters want RM300m more to buy equipment
Malaysia Star - Petaling Jaya,Malaysia
However, we still need another 439 boats, a hovercraft and five-tonne lorries to haul our equipment and for logistics purposes. ...

Mystery driver causes scare on Glen Lake
Glens Falls Post-Star - Glens Falls,NY,USA
Warren County sheriff's officers located tire tracks on the ice, and Bay Ridge and North Queensbury firefighters used a hovercraft to check the lake, ...
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By yamaha250
Heres some pics of my boss's hovercraft that he built from scatch, i no its not a truck, or mine, but i thought it'd be kool to post, wish i had more of the stelth one this was the first one he built ...
S-10 Forum - http://www.s10forum.com/forum

Lelaina Hall's parents reach 'out of court settlement' with ...
Burnham-On-Sea - Somerset, UK
... The tragedy of Lelaina's death sparked a campaign to buy a hovercraft to patrol the coastline, and the Spirit of Lelaina is now in its third season of operation ...

Free-for-all could end as buses and cars with passengers take ...
Scotsman - United Kingdom
... The transport giant Stagecoach first proposed relaunching ferries across the firth, but is now focusing on hovercraft instead for Fife- Edinburgh commuters. ...

Wilkes-Barre reconsiders sale of hovercraft
Citizens Voice - Wilkes-Barre,PA,USA
BY DENISE ALLABAUGH. WILKES-BARRE — City council is reconsidering an offer to sell its hovercraft to a Back Mountain resident. ...

The Saab 401 - Hovercraft
By ryanoe9000
In 1963, yes, Saab also built a hovercraft known as the “Saab 401″. Much like the Aircraft industry being ordered by the Swedish Air Force, the development of the hovercraft was ordered by the Swedish Navy.
Saab History - http://www.saabhistory.com


Help with motor/battery setup for hovercraft-bar
Forum: The Lounge Posted By: jcline Post Time: 2007 January 31st at 02:50.
Advanced Physics Forums - http://www.advancedphysics.org/forum

Barge plan would save $45 million
Whitehorse Star (subscription) - Whitehorse,Yukon,Canada
Giles said the barge is not like a large hovercraft, with large motors propelling it and filling its inflatable skirt. Diesel engines inside the barge will ...

Sidmouth wreck reminiscences
By Iain(Iain)
Back in 1974 a hovercraft sank after trying unsuccessfully to gain access to Sidmouth harbour. As Liddle puts it:. As the craft flapped pointlessly in the surf, many yards from shore, a magisterial figure in a smart suit emerged from ...
Eaten by missionaries - http://eatenbymissionaries.blogspot.com/index.html

Travel Advice : Helicopter out of action
The Management of Diamond Airlines, in partnership with an overseas company, has reintroduced the hovercraft services once again in Sierra Leone. This development is consistent with their primary concern of ensuring Sierra Leoneans ...
Sierra Leone Business and Travel Forums - http://forum.visitsierraleone.org

Comment on "Homemade Hovercraft"
By sman(deane@deanebarker.net)
homemade hovercrsfts suck,You cant steer those things. Click here to reply to this comment.
Gadgetopia Comments - http://www.gadgetopia.com/


The Icemen Cometh: Departments train with USCG

The U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) prides itself on being the nation’s premier maritime agency, and is perhaps best known for its search and rescue (SAR) operations.


What pitch would I need to successfully run a 11" prop, on a 90 2 ...
I work in the US NAVY Landing Craft Air Cushion (LCAC)HOVERCRAFT program, and I am builing a model hovercraft for some fun. It will not be to scale like the actual LCAC, but it will be in the size range of about 48" x 24". ...
RC Groups - http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/index.php

By default@goarticles.com (organic designed...
Content from http://www.bufocraft.net/hovercraft%20about%20%20bufo%20hovercraft.htm BUFO idea is present for about 2 years... the idea was to create what no one has created before - to create an...
GoArticles Outdoors Recent Articles - http://www.goarticles.com

Hovercraft Effect takes care of Zero Point Friction
ZPEnergy - USA
If the shear line happened to be such that the particles on both sides of the line were repelling each other with centrifugal repulsion, then the hovercraft ...

1992: City's land registry office closes
Cambridge Times - Cambridge,Ontario,Canada
In a 5-4 vote, Cambridge council decided to buy a 12-foot hovercraft with a 35 horsepower motor to replace an old 14-foot aluminum boat with a 12-horsepower ...
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PC and Components
By sciencefairprojects
... one that aims to solve some of the most vexing problems facing chip designers today. Science expo bigger and better A board, a leaf blower and some plastic sheeting is about all Casey Jachelski needed to build a hovercraft.
Science Fair Projects - http://sciencefairprojects.searchdigs.com

Jan 30, My first hovercraft ride !
My first hovercraft ride on a Hov Pod.
Hovercraft Blog - http://www.hovercrafterz.com/hovercraft-blog.html

Southboro Conducts Rescue Drills On Thin Ice
CBS4Boston - Boston,USA
Southboro uses a hovercraft vehicle to help rescue people who have been trapped in icy waters. Officials say it's important to constantly train using the ...
Steering begins
By ahshover
The steering team has had some trouble getting the rudders constructed. We tried hot wiring complete parts out of 2″ foam. Not a success. Check out the surface finish. Hot wire rudder. We are going to try and get the rest done with ...
Hovercraft Build Log - Auburn... - http://ahsist.edublogs.org

Hovercraft girls fly solo
Times & Star - Workington,Lake District,UK
SCHOOLGIRLS from across West Cumbria had the chance to prove that boys aren’t the only ones who can be engineers when they built their own hovercraft this ...
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12000 police to be deployed for Republic Day bandobust
Hindu - Chennai,India
Coast Guard personnel will ensure security along the coastline with hovercraft. Vehicle checks at all entry check-posts and key points into the city had ...

Rise residents buoy Barb
MONEY totalling £1900 has this week been handed over to BARB, the charity that runs Burnham's rescue hovercraft after a month of fundraising in the town.
This is The West Country | Somerset News - http://www.thisisthewestcountry.co.uk

TRANSPORTATION: Gliding down St. Johns
Florida Times-Union - Jacksonville,FL,USA
But Atlas Hovercraft Inc. President Kurt Peterson makes a convincing argument for his diesel electric propulsion vessel. It rides on a pressurized bubble of ...
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1/4/07 - Hoverally Schedule Released & Hovernews Correction
The schedule of events has been released for Hoverally 2007.  Hoverally '07 will take place in Chillicothe, OH on June 21 - 24.

Mud alert for hovercraft after family of five gets into problems ...
Burnham-On-Sea - Somerset, UK
Burnham-On-Sea's rescue hovercraft rushed to Brean Beach on Wednesday afternoon (July 26th) after a beach warden alerted Coastguards that five people were in ...

BoatingLinks.com - Boats / Hovercraft
Hov Pod Hovercraft Sport Boat The Hov Pod hovercraft flies on a cushion of air;
it can glide across sea, lakes, rivers, grassland, marsh, sand, ...

2006 Race Costs
56, The Hovercraft Club of Great Britain is recognised as the National Governing
Body for Hovercraft sport in England by Sport England. ...

Unicycling Archives: Would you support rec.sport.hovercraft?
Rec.sport.hovercraft would be a good location for a hovercraft group ...
rec.sport.hovercraft group? Although this isn't the official RFD ...

Altis : The Guide to Internet Resources in Hospitality, Leisure ...
The AUF is the governing body for underwater sports and amateur diving in Australia,
... It includes information on building hovercraft, racing hovercraft, ...

BBC - Cambridgeshire - Sport - Experience the thrill of hovercraft ...
Experience something completely different this summer when hovercraft racing
comes to Cambridgeshire!

Hovercraft, Hovercrafting, Hovercraft Clubs UK then Try My Sport
Hovercraft, Hovercrafting, UK Hovercraft Racing, Hovercraft Cruising - then Try
My Sport.

Join the Hoverclub : Universal Hovercraft, The World Leader in ...
Universal Hovercraft : Join the Hoverclub - Turnkey Hovercraft Hovercraft Plans,
Kits & Parts Dealers Community About Hovercraft Company Media ecommerce, ...

Hov Pod Leisure Hovercraft: Hov Pod Dealers, money, sport's ...
Hov Pod Leisure Hovercraft: Hov Pod Dealers, money, sport's, investment's,
hobbie3's, people, united kingdom, usa, dealer's, import, export, ...

Brighton hovercraft flying, hovercraft racing, hovercraft ...
Other terms to describe hovercraft flying would be, hovercraft racing, hovercraft
experience uk, extreme sport hovercraft racing ...

Nederlandse Hovercraft Club
1986 was the first jear that in the Netherlands a Hovercraftrace was organised
under the name "The Greate Price of the Netherlands". ...

Hovercraft Race game online JARKEY
JARKEY has Free Online Computer Games.

Hovercraft Race | 1000+ Free Flash Games | Andkon Arcade
The Andkon Arcade is updated weekly and houses 1000+ free flash games, without
any popups! The Andkon Arcade: where quantity meets quality.

Sea rescue crew called out again
BBC News - UK
Sea rescue crew called out again
The stricken yacht and rescue hovercraft
The yacht was yards from the site of the previous day's rescue operation
A rescue hovercraft was called out to a yachtsman who was stranded off the Somerset coast just yards from where a speedboat ran aground the day before.

Coastguards were called to Stert Island on Saturday morning, where the sailor's 20ft vessel was stuck on a mud bank.

City boy saved from sea
ic Birmingham.co.uk - Birmingham,UK
AN eight-year-old Birmingham boy and a lifeguard were rescued from the sea by

 a hovercraft crew. Neil Carruthers and lifeguard Billy ...

2 missing, 2 hurt
York Daily Record - York,PA,USA
... Two volunteer firefighters were injured Sunday afternoon after their hovercraft

flipped over while they were trying to find two men swept away by an Adams ...

Hovering over Mogareeka
Bega District News - Bega,New South Wales,Australia
... residents resented the noisy intrusion on their quiet Sunday morning, but

others were fascinated by the demonstration of a Black Bush personal hovercraft on a ...

FMV Orders Three Hovercraft for

the Amphibious Battalion
DefenceTalk.com - USA
FMV has placed the order for hovercraft with the British firm Griffon Hovercraft.

The hovercraft are intended for the transportation ...

Experience the Thrill of Hovercraft racing!

Go wild with Hovercraft racing!

Experience something completely different this summer when hovercraft racing

comes to Cambridgeshire!

National Hovercraft Race Championship at Thorney


The National Hovercraft Race Championship comes to Thorney near Peterborough for two days of the most exciting action imaginable as individual drivers and teams take part in some thrilling races over land AND water!

Start Date:


End Date:





The Hovercraft Club of Great Britain (Organiser)

Venue Name:

Bank Farm

Venue Town:


Hovercraft rescue vehicle arrives in Mahopac Falls
Putnam County Courier - Carmel,NY,USA
MAHOPAC FALLS-Water related rescues will be made much easier now that the

 Mahopac Falls Fire Department has received delivery of the region's first Hovercraft. ...

Inventive youngsters dazzle contest judges
Hampstead and Highgate Express - London,England,UK
... children. With its hovercraft movement and 'grab' claw, Natasha's pyramid is

designed to aid wheelchair users in the sea and on sand. ...

Hovercraft rescue vehicle arrives in Mahopac Falls
Putnam County Courier - Carmel,NY,USA
MAHOPAC FALLS-Water related rescues will be made much easier now that the Mahopac Falls Fire Department has received delivery of the region's first Hovercraft. ...

Inventive youngsters dazzle contest judges
Hampstead and Highgate Express - London,England,UK
... children. With its hovercraft movement and 'grab' claw, Natasha's pyramid is designed to aid wheelchair users in the sea and on sand. ...

Launch of hovercraft grounded over birds Blackpool Today, Lancashire 13:14 13-Jun-05

Hands off our hovercraft: MP Southport Visiter, Cheshire 10:32 10-Jun-05

Silicon Graphics Linux based hovercraft back in the channel The Inquirer 12:55 9-Jun-05

Hovercraft racing circuit opens BBCi 19:40 7-Jun-05

Canadian hovercraft deal in the air The News, Hampshire 16:33 3-Jun-05

Canadians in talks to resurrect hovercraft Guardian Unlimited 00:01 30-May-05

Hovercraft test is one smooth glide The Chronicle, Connecticut 18:42 26-May-05

Museum buys hovercraft inventor's Greek treasure Guardian Unlimited 01:59 15-Apr-05

Hovercraft trials postponed Hayling Today, Hampshire 11:50 8-Jul-04

New night lights for rescue craft The new lights
06 Jun 05 |  Somerset
Hovercraft rescuers

New hovercraft boosts mud safety
14 May 04 |  Essex



Busy year for region's lifeboats
18 Feb 04  |  Suffolk

Hovercraft 'flies' into lifeboat service
13 May 02  |  England

Hovercraft 'fly' to the rescue  
25 Jul 01  |  UK                          


Coastguard crew need new recruits
23 Apr 05 |  Somerset

Spirit of Lelaina nears service
11 Aug 03 |  Hereford/Worcs


Burnham-On-Sea Hovercraft


  Seoul to spend big on hovercraft:-
Webindia123 - India
The Korean government plans to spend $148.5 million to develop a cargo watercraft that can haul 100 tons while cruising just above the water at 155 mph.


Glide on a cushion of air; Waterloo student builds hovercraft
Finger Lakes Times - Geneva,NY,USA
... This year, he wanted to find a way to out-do himself. For the last two months, Murphy has been the chief designer of a life-size hovercraft. ...

 Coastguards Prepare for Busy Summer
Scotsman - Edinburgh,Scotland,UK
Burnham's Coastguard and hovercraft crews in Somerset have rehearsed a dramatic cliff rescue at Brean Down as they gear up for another busy summer season of ... 



The present world speed record is controversial. In an email from Russell, Ontario, Canada, the secretary of the World Hovercraft Federation, Bob Rennick, said Bell Aerosystems recorded 105.8 mph with a 78ft SES-100B waterjet propelled sidewall vehicle in January 1980, but some experts had claimed that its rigid sidewalls prevented it being classified as a hovercraft as it was not an amphibious vehicle.

"I've spoken to a former HoverSpeed pilot who claims to have had an unladen SR.N4 [hovercraft engaged in a regular passenger service crossing the English Channel] up over 100 knots during testing after a refit," said Rennick.

"The only real recorded attempt at a speed record that I'm aware of was after the World Hovercraft Championships on the Rio Douro in Peso da Regua, Portugal, in September 1995. I was one of the officials for that event.

"Each vehicle had to cover a measured kilometre, first in one direction and then return. Their average time for the two runs was used for the speed record.

"Unfortunately, there was a huge bend in the river before the start, so there was no straight run-up, and a 60-foot dam at the end, so competitors let up on the throttle well before they completed their runs.

"Highest speed was 137.40 km/hr (85.376 mph) recorded on September 20, 1995 by American Bob Windt in a V-6 auto engine powered UH19P. Later in the week I climbed aboard together with a Portuguese official and two other American racers, with Bob driving, and we went for a blast down the river to a waiting riverside luncheon.

"British car drivers who were going to the luncheon on a road parallel to the river told me later that they could not keep up with us - and their speedometers were reading over 100 mph. Our onboard air speed indicator was 'pegged' to the maximum of 100 knots.

"I firmly believe that that was the fastest any hovercraft has gone - and I was privileged to be aboard. It was unfortunate that we didn't take a GPS [global positioning system] with us to record the speed."

 By Eric Shackle









Hovercraft make great school projects for High School up to College level students. Compete in Annual Regional and National hovercraft events. Your school could be the next year’s National champion while gaining experience in:

  • Engineering skills
  • Blueprint reading
  • Composite construction
  • Physics & Aerodynamics
  • Team skills

Universal Hovercraft offers all parts and materials required to build an entry level hovercraft. Parts are available on an individual basis or through component kits at a discount.



 UH-36M Model Hovercraft Plans
This single motor hovercraft design is perfect for experimenting with hover technology.
 Length: 36 inches
 Power: electric or glow .15 - .19
 Control: RC
 Construction material: styrofoam
 Construction cost: $60 - $155

Classpacks GH-1 Classpack 
 Reviews  Experiments
These model hovercraft kits make excellent science projects for schools, scouts, camp leaders, and educators. In order to save shipping costs and reduce unnecessary packaging materials, we can provide schools and institutions with class packs, that enable the instructor/teacher to more easily afford multiple model kits so their budget can be stretched to cover more students. The class packs consist of all the kit parts shipped in bulk (motor assemblies, hulls etc.) so that the parts can be distributed to (or picked up by) each student.

The savings are considerable so please call us for available discounts on bulk packaging options. Please call 815.943.1200 or send an e-mail to classpacks@hovercraft.com.

Be sure to include the number of students, need date, and shipping zip code of school/organization including school district and billing address. Most important: name and phone number of contact person.

Southern Illinois University recently used our kits in its "Women in Engineering" Summer Program. To see the kits in use, visit SIU's Women in Engineering Outreach picture page. (Scroll down for hovercraft photos.) After the young engineers put their hovercraft kits together, they held races! Visit SIU's hovercraft video page and watch a pack of GH-1 hovercraft race down the hallway. Don't forget to turn up the sound on your computer - the sound of the students exclaiming "Wow!" says it all.

Over the last two years, more than 1,400 4th through 8th graders have assembled our hovercraft kits as they attended the University of Oklahoma's Sooner Flight Academy. Visit the Sooner Flight Academy's photo gallery to see pictures of campers at Flight Camp putting together and operating our models.

Norra Stavsudda





HoverWorld Insider April 2005
Hovercraft News | Information | Events

The Official Newsletter of the

World Hovercraft Organization


In this issue:
- Sport and Recreation: Event news and updates
- Education: Learning Takes Flight in school hovercraft programs
- Commercial Applications: Hovercraft eliminates aviation threat
- Rescue Operations: Hovercraft rescue pioneers
- Hovercraft Industry: State of the Industry report 2005



~~~ From the Hoverclub of America ~~~

* Hoosier Hovercraft Championship – THIS WEEKEND! *

The Hoosier Hovercraft Championship is set for this weekend, Friday 29 April

 through Sunday 1 May at Lazy L Lake in West Terre Haute, Indiana USA.

This is the perfect opportunity to see what hovercraft racing and cruising

are all about and to enjoy the camaraderie of the hovercraft world.

For links to full information on this weekend's Hoosier Hovercraft Championship,

 including the schedule of events and driving directions, read HoverWorld Insider

online at http://www.worldhovercraft.org/insider/apr05.htm

* US National Hoverally – June 2005 *

The largest hovercraft event in North America will be even larger this year!

The 30th Annual National Hoverally, 24-26 June 2005 in Chillicothe, Ohio

USA will offer more than $6,000 in purse money, scavenger hunts and raffle prizes.

In addition, the Hoverally will be preceded by a special symposium, Hovercraft as

a Teaching Tool, on Friday 25 June. This symposium will present educators with

full instructions on how to establish hovercraft programs as a part of their school


For more about Hoverally 2005, read HoverWorld Insider online

at http://www.worldhovercraft.org/insider/apr05.htm

~~~ From the World Hovercraft Federation ~~~

World Hovercraft Championship 2006 will take place 21-26 August 2006 in


at Lac du Tolerme, Lot, France. The debut of the WHC 2006 web site will

soon be announced.

Three nations have submitted bids for the 2008 World Hovercraft Championship:


the United States and Mauritius. The final selection will be announced after the

World Hovercraft Federation meeting in France in August 2006.

For more about WHC 2006 and 2008, read HoverWorld Insider online

at http://www.worldhovercraft.org/insider/apr05.htm



~~~ Learning Takes Flight: The DiscoverHover School Hovercraft Program ~~~

The DiscoverHover program, launched in 2003, now involves thousands of students

 across the world. The program's web site, www.DiscoverHover.org, provides hovercraft

plans and instructions, Curriculum Guides, and comprehensive resources at no charge

to schools and universities, instructors, and students. The value of the program

 is best illustrated in the praise it receives from member schools:

* From Robert Forbes, instructor, Wantirna College, Victoria, Australia:
"We're beginning construction on our second hovercraft using the

 DiscoverHover plans, because they work! The project has been a great experience.

One long-serving staff member says this is the best project he has seen at the

school in his 22 years."

* From Tom Burridge, student, Wantirna College:
"The DiscoverHover project has been by far the highlight of my time at secondary school."

* From Robert Hodge, instructor, Ellicott Mills Middle School, Ellicott City, Maryland USA:
"I've been teaching for 30 years and I cannot remember this level of excitement in any other

project I've done with students. It brings to life the math and science they're learning in

their other classes, and it excites them about education."

* From Mike Naughton, instructor, Cary-Grove High School, Cary, Illinois USA:
"One of the most valuable aspects of the project is the excitement of the students.

Our enrollment in Industrial Technology went up this year."

* From Ryan Marsel, former student, Cary-Grove High School:
"DiscoverHover gave me opportunities that many students couldn't dream of,

and helped me to enroll in the number one Aerospace Engineering school in the world."

* From Dr. Cameron Coates, instructor, Armstrong Atlantic State University,

Savannah, Georgia USA:
"It gives students experience with the practical aspects - money, budgeting,

hoosing the right component – the things you don't get in school."

For links to photo galleries and complete stories on member schools' hovercraft

projects, and to learn how your school can become a DiscoverHover Featured School,

 read HoverWorld Insider online at http://www.worldhovercraft.org/insider/apr05.htm

* DiscoverHover competitions *

Plans are underway to give students the opportunity to showcase their hovercraft

at national and international endurance racing events. US cities who have expressed

 interest in hosting events are Terre Haute, Indiana; Las Vegas, Nevada;

and Orlando, Florida. Nations who have expressed interest in hosting international

events are Thailand, Russia and the United Arab Emirates. Watch for announcements

 about these events on www.DiscoverHover.org and in future issues of HoverWorld Insider.

* Hovercraft as a Teaching Tool *

DiscoverHover founder and chairman, Chris Fitzgerald, will present the DiscoverHover

 program at the symposium Hovercraft as a Teaching Tool, 24 June 2005 at the Hoverclub

of America's US National Rally. For complete details, and to register for the symposium,

 read HoverWorld Insider online at http://www.worldhovercraft.org/insider/apr05.htm

* New on www.DiscoverHover.org *

The DiscoverHover web site has added several new sections, including requirements

for the DiscoverHover One hovercraft engine, new Featured Schools, and new

comments from students and instructors. New Curriculum Guides and other resources

will be added to the site beginning in June 2005.

For more information and links to these new sections, read HoverWorld Insider  online at



~~~ Hovercraft eliminates aviation threat at Batten International Airport ~~~

Orville and Wilbur Wright mastered in 1903 what birds have been doing for more

than 100 million years. Since that first human flight, the skies have become too

crowded for comfort, and feathers are flying in a flurry of bird-aircraft collisions.

The problem, however, is no laughing matter. From 1990 to 2004, more than

56,000 bird-aircraft strikes were reported to the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration.

Bird and wildlife strikes to aircraft worldwide cost military and commercia

l aviation more than $1 billion US a year, and more than 400 people have

 been killed in the last 20 years in bird-aircraft collisions.

Many airports spend hundreds of thousands of dollars per year on

bird mitigation efforts, including methods such as frightening birds with

model airplanes, recordings of birds in distress, fireworks, propane cannons,

flashing lights, laser-beam guns … and filling bodies of water with grape Kool-Aid!

Canadian geese are a large contributor to this worldwide aviation hazard.

John H. Batten Airport in Racine, Wisconsin USA is one of thousands of

 airports worldwide who have tried one unsuccessful solution after

another on the Canadian goose dilemma.

But unlike other airports, Batten International has the distinction of discovering

 a solution that works – a hovercraft – for a one-time cost of around $10,000 US,

rather than billions. "It's the safest thing we could come up with," says

 Airport Manager David Mann, "And the beautiful part is, it's working.

e hardly have any geese left!"

To learn how Batten International's hovercraft has created safer skies,

cleaner water and a healthier bottom line, read HoverWorld Insider online at



~~~ North Muskegon Fire Department: hovercraft rescue pioneers ~~~

First responders worldwide now recognize the advantages hovercraft offer over

traditional lifeboats and other rescue vehicles. Because it hovers above the surface,

 the hovercraft performs rapid, safe rescues on thin or broken ice, swift water, flood

 waters and snow, giving rescuers access to areas a boat or helicopter cannot reach.

North Muskegon Fire Department was the first fire department in Michigan USA

 to recognize these advantages, pioneering in 1986 the first official use of a rescue

 hovercraft in the state. Nearly fifteen years later, Fire Chief Steve Lague reports

that the craft is still in service, transporting about 230 people a year during

water and ice rescue operations.

Chief Lague and his firefighters purchased their hovercraft as a kit and assembled i

t at the fire station. He reports, "This has been a perfect unit for us, flawless.

 And the operating cost is only about $100 US a year."

North Muskegon is located in an area in which winters can be especially brutal.

 "In one day, we took about 35 people off the ice because conditions deteriorated

o rapidly they couldn't get into shore," says Lague, "Before the hovercraft we had

to rely on ropes, pushing out on ladders or whatever we could find. But the

hovercraft just flies right over deteriorated ice."

Lague reports that his department can take an emergency call, dress, launch the

 hovercraft and get to a victim on the other side of Muskegon Lake in less than

 ten minutes – beating the county's Coast Guard helicopter every time. Before

e hovercraft, it would take them 45 minutes to an hour.

He adds, "Swimming through or breaking your own ice to get to a victim is exhausting,

time consuming and unsafe. Cutting a hole in the ice with a chain saw to reach

someone is not real world rescue."

To learn more about North Muskegon Fire Department's use of their rescue

hovercraft, with photos, read HoverWorld Insider online at



~~~ 2005: The State of the Hovercraft Industry ~~~

The hovercraft has come a long way from Sir Christopher Cockerell's

 experiments with coffee cans, a kitchen scale and a hairdryer in the

arly 1950s. Developments since then have taken the hovercraft from

 the exclusive domain of inventors and governments and put it into t

e hands of the public.

Once considered an impractical oddity, the hovercraft is used today

 throughout the world for a myriad of purposes, including leisure

 sport and racing; search and rescue; education; environmental

 projects; tourism; ice fishing and hunting; agriculture; surveying;

flood control; water transport and icebreaking.

We know where the hovercraft industry has been. But where is it now,

and where has it yet to go?

To find the answers, HoverWorld Insider consulted hovercraft experts

 and manufacturers in various locations throughout the world.

What emerged is a comprehensive overview of industry growth and

technological advances in the last two decades; factors affecting

growing public awareness of hovercraft; and future challenges and opportunities.

Read HoverWorld Insider with full text and photos online at

HoverWorld Insider
Hovercraft Events | News | Info

The Official Newsletter of the

World Hovercraft Organization
June 2004

In this issue:
- Introduction
- Upcoming Hovercraft Events
- Guest Editorial: The Devilish Details
- DiscoverHover: the Build-a-Hovercraft School Project
- Hovercraft Adventures on the Lewis & Clark Trail
- Beyond James Bond: Hovercraft in Corporate Team Building
- Fast Facts about the World's First Hovercraft Race


At its midway point, the year 2004 is living up to its declaration as the Year of

 the Hovercraft. As we reviewed in a previous issue of HoverWorld Insider

 this is the first time

 in history that two major international hovercraft events –

the World Hovercraft Championship and HoverWorld Expo 2004 –

will take place in the same year.

Event updates are included in this issue, including a Guest Editorial

by the Chairman of HoverWorld Expo 2004.

Those events, however, are primarily of interest only to those of us who

are already involved with the hovercraft. In the half century since

Sir Christopher Cockerell patented the first hovercraft, the general

public has considered it to be, at best, an oddity - if they consider the hovercraft at all.

Due mainly to the efforts of small manufacturers and individual enthusiasts, the hovercraft

is now emerging from the status of a weird hobby of the quirky few into mainstream

 awareness. In addition to the heavy hovercraft use by ferry services and the military,

 smaller recreational hovercraft are now being used by the general public in a variety

of interesting ways - from honoring pioneer explorers to corporate team building,

 tourism, marketing and education.

Beginning with this issue, HoverWorld Insider will introduce you to some

unique ways hovercraft are used today.

---29th Annual Hoverclub of America National Hoverally---
25-27 June 2004, Chillicothe, Ohio USA

This year's HCA National Hoverally, the largest hovercraft event in North

America, will be held for the first time in Chillicothe, Ohio and will include

the Ray Miller/Bob Carter Memorial Cruise on the Scioto River beginning

 on 25 June, followed by HCA sanctioned racing, endurance racing and

model competitions 26-27 June.

The Hoverclub reports that Chillicothe is cruiser hovercraft heaven, and

participants will be able to cruise 60+ unobstructed river miles upstream

to Columbus, Ohio. Volunteers to help with the event are needed, so be

sure to check out www.hoverclubofamerica.org for more information

and a listing of additional events.

---2004 World Hovercraft Championship---
31 Aug. - 5 Sept. 2004, Berlin, Germany

The website of the World Hovercraft Federation's 2004 World

 Hovercraft Championship is currently under development,

so be sure to watch www.whc2004.com for news about the

event. You might also visit the WHF website at


---HoverWorld Expo 2004---
28 Dec. 2004 - 3 Jan. 2005, Canberra, Australia

Read on for detailed news about the World Hovercraft Organization's

HoverWorld Expo 2004 in this issue's Guest Editorial by Expo

Chairman Chris Fitzgerald. The event will commemorate the

40th Anniversary of the World's First Hovercraft Race,

held in Canberra in 1964.

To date, 50 participants from seven nations are registered to attend, and

according to Ken Osmond, President of the Australian Hovercraft Federation,

 HoverWorld Expo 2004 is going to be "the most exciting hover event

ever conducted in Australia." New information is continually

posted, so bookmark www.HoverWorldExpo.com and visit often.

by Chris Fitzgerald, Chairman, HoverWorld Expo 2004

---The Devilish Details: Update on HoverWorld Expo 2004---

This time two years ago I was in the midst of planning World Hovercraft

Week 2002 in Terre Haute, Indiana USA. I fondly recall that only a

gentleman's agreement was required for city officials to enthusiastically

 embrace the event and jump into action. With only a brief letter of

agreement, the Terre Haute Convention and Visitors Bureau

provided $20,000 in seed money; city leaders eagerly joined the

Board of Directors and went to work.

The scenario is a bit different with HoverWorld Expo 2004 in Australia,

 where a formidable number of governmental approvals and permits

must be in place before the event can happen. As someone once said,

governmental regulations are a lot like catsup or tomato sauce –

you either get none or far more than you want!

Even so, we are forging ahead and amassing the required

documentation that will allow us to create an event to remember.

In March of this year, I spent two weeks in Sydney, Melbourne

and Canberra to jump-start the Expo planning process, and

would like to provide the following update ……



Since the World Hovercraft Organization's DiscoverHover program was

introduced late last year, hundreds of schools, organizations and

 individual students have registered to receive the program's free

 hovercraft plans and building instructions. The plans are now

nearing completion for download from www.DiscoverHover.org.

The original plans consisted of only two blueprints and minimal

detail, so the first task was to convert the blueprints into AutoCAD

 files and to bring them into conformance with professional

drawing practices. Tim Envall of Australia, and engineering

students from Indiana State University in the USA initiated

this work, which was then reviewed and modified by Rob Wilson,

Technical Director for Neoteric Hovercraft, Inc. in the USA

nd Neoteric Engineering Affiliates Pty. Ltd. in Australia.

Since DiscoverHover participants will have the opportunity

 to race their hovercraft in competitions throughout the world,

including HoverWorld Expo 2004, the next task was to

 redesign the craft in order to make it easier to transport.

The new DiscoverHover hovercraft will be a modular design:

the cockpit, the hull or base, the thrust duct and the engine

module can be separated for shipping. This allows the craft

 to nest together to reduce shipping volume for international

 transport. The modular design is also an advantage when

transporting the hovercraft in a small cargo or passenger van

or a pickup truck.

In addition to new and improved plans, the DiscoverHover program

is receiving tremendous support from Questacon, Australia's

National Science and Technology Centre [www.questacon.edu.au].

 Questacon recently announced that $50,000 of their budget will be

 dedicated to exhibits and programs that tie in with

DiscoverHover and HoverWorld Expo 2004.

According to Em Taylor of Questacon, "We are hoping to build

 a HoverChair, put displays on the history and the technology in

the foyer, produce a promotional flyer for schools and members,

and bring out the exhibit from the British Hovercraft Museum,

plus a few other things."

For those of you who have already registered to receive the

DiscoverHover free hovercraft plans, be sure to check the website

 often for their upcoming availability. For those who have not

yet registered, don't miss this chance for a life-changing experience.

All information on www.DiscoverHover.org, including the hovercraft

plans, is free to schools and universities, to instructors, to youth

organizations and to students age 7 to 21 anywhere in the world.

 If you don't fit into one of these categories, you can still

 purchase the plans for a nominal fee.

In May 1804 near the frontier community of St. Louis, Meriwether Lewis

 and William Clark issued a one-word command - "Sail" - and plunged

 into the unknown on the historic expedition to the Pacific Ocean that

opened the American Northwest.

Two hundred years later, a different one-word command - "Hover" -

has launched two separate teams of hovercraft trailblazers who are

honoring the pioneer explorers by hovering in their footsteps, while

they spread the word about hovercraft and introduce the

DiscoverHover school hovercraft program to students across America.

The last issue of HoverWorld Insider, the story "From Sea to Shining Sea – in

a Hovercraft" previewed British citizen Robert Hodson's two-year Trans

American Hovercraft Adventure from Savannah, Georgia

to the Pacific Ocean – the longest hovercraft trek in history.

Last month a second group of adventurers, an American

hovercraft team from Universal Hovercraft also re-blazed the Lewis & Clark Trail from

the St. Louis area to Yankton, South Dakota.

With thanks to Robert Hodson; Bill Zang, Bob Windt

and their colleagues at Universal Hovercraft; and Harold Carter

 of the Hoverclub of America, we share with you the experiences

 of these modern day explorers ……


Team building has become a corporate staple in America and Europe

during the last decade, and continues to be a growing trend throughout

the world. It is estimated that in America alone, companies spent

at least $21 billion last year on team building exercises and "adventures."

The philosophy behind corporate team building is that companies

 learn to work together more effectively by learning to play together

- resulting in improved morale and team spirit, increased motivation,

 greater efficiency and productivity, a dramatic reduction in employee

turnover, and a positive impact on the bottom line.

The "family atmosphere" that quickly develops amongst hovercrafters

is well known to those in the sport, so it is perhaps no great surprise

that corporations are realizing that hovering can foster business and

employee relationships as well. Beyond being Hollywood entertainment

and a fun sport, hovercraft can mean serious business. Do a search for

"corporate team building AND hovercraft" and Google now displays

 nearly 5,000 results.

HoverWorld Insider brings you the stories of three progressive

corporations who are using hovercraft to build a better company:

---Revolutionary Hovercraft at Revcor---
Revcor Revolutionary Air Flow, based in Chicago, Illinois USA

 with locations in Fort Worth, Texas USA and Juarez, Mexico,

 are utilizing hovercraft for not only corporate team building

but as a branding and marketing concept and customer incentive.

Revcor purchased their first hovercraft late last year from

Neoteric Hovercraft, Inc.  and named

 it "Revolutionary Air One." Archie Eschborn, Vice President of Sales

and Marketing, reports, "Hovercrafts are here to stay at Revcor and

are actually a similar technology to our core technology at Revcor – air movement ……

---Thrillseekers, Unlimited: Hovercraft Extreme Team Building---
Thrillseekers, Unlimited, a US company with branches in Las Vegas,

New York and Hollywood, offers hovercraft racing as a part of their

Extreme Team Building program. The Future Sports section of their

website explains, "You will float on an 8-inch cushion of air at speeds up

 to 50 mph across a wide-open dry lake bed in the desert just outside of Las Vegas" ……

---Chillisauce: Team Building Hovercraft Racing---
Chillisauce, with scores of locations throughout the

 United Kingdom, offers hovercraft racing as a team building

exercise and for corporate events and group weekends as well.

According to Chillisauce, "Even for those who have done every other

conceivable motor sport, hovercraft racing is somewhat of a unique experience.

They handle like no other machine, powersliding across the surface whether on land or water" ……


The World's First Hovercraft Race took place on 14 March 1964 - only

five years after the first hovercraft flew in Great Britain - on Canberra,

Australia's new, partially filled, £2 ½ million Lake Burley Griffin.

HoverWorld Expo 2004, 28 Dec. 2004 – 3 Jan. 2005, will commemorate

the 40th anniversary of the World's First Race, and illustrate just how far

 hovercraft racing has come in the last four decades.

---A hovercraft is a hovercraft by any other name---
The 1964 news media struggled with what to call those newfangled hovering

thingamajigs. One reporter referred to them as "strange craft that combine

some of the qualities of a lawn mower, speedboat, helicopter and egg

beater." Other media reported on the world's first "hoverboat race" and the

world's first "hover vehicle race."

The Canberra Branch of the Royal Aeronautical Society tried to ease the

confusion by explaining that 'hovercraft' was a proprietary name; that the

 proper term in Britain was 'air cushion vehicle' and in America, 'ground

effect machine' … but the media preferred various forms of 'hover-something-or-other.'

But all agreed that whatever they were, it was the first time in history that

 more than two of them were brought to the same place at the same time in

order to compete. It was estimated that that only 18 of whatever they were existed in Australia in 1964!

---What? We're racing on water?---
Prior to the race, most of the ten entrants had never hovered on water; in fact, two

 of them started building their hovercraft only a week before the race! Contestant

Dan Reece explained to the media, "We have never been able to get permission

 to go on water in the Australian Capital Territory before … We've had to use

backyards and paddocks."

Two entries tried to get a leg up on the competition. On their way to the race,

the Queensland entry, to much amusement, tested their craft on a swimming pool

at a Royal Australian Air Force base, and the South Australia entry took a dip on

Lake Torrens the week before the race.

Allen Hawkins, first place winner, said, "Taking the water for the first time was a real

 shock. It was like riding a thundercloud … I didn't have much control and wind blew me about."

Judy Papps, a spectator at the 1964 event, recalls, "What is most vivid in my mind is how

funny it was watching the hovercraft going off in all directions – not necessarily the

one the driver intended!"

No doubt due to being hover landlubbers prior to the race, only five of the ten craft finished;

three had to be towed ashore, once capsized twice, and one sank out of sight altogether.

---The Disappearing Hovercraft---
While being towed, Frank Greenham's hovercraft suddenly disappeared into the waters

of Lake Burley Griffin. Although only partially filled, the lake was sufficiently deep and

murky to make finding the craft a real treasure hunt. Skin divers plunged in at the end of

the day to search for the craft, but came up empty-handed. The disappearing hovercraft

was finally located and fished out of the lake by the Water Police, with the aid of grapnels,

 four days after the race.

---And the world was watching---
The World's First Hovercraft Race attracted journalists, press and television cameras,

and an estimated 10,000 - 20,000 spectators, more than one in seven of the entire population

of Canberra. The race, according to news reports, provided them with "plenty of excitement

and amusement" as they watched the genesis of the sport of hovercraft racing struggle

 with it's 'training wheels.'

Although the participants were certainly dampened in other ways as they capsized

and faltered and sank, their spirits remained undaunted. These were true hover

pioneers, with little to guide them. As contestant Dan Reece said in 1964, "You can't just

go out and buy a book … you just have to figure out what makes them go and work

out a design for yourself."

The sport is where it is today because of these pioneers, who predicted back

then that the last word in hovercraft design would not be said for many years,

and believed from the beginning that hovercrafting would be "big-time" in years to come.


- Hovercraft in Advertising: Black Sea World, Bulgaria - a Future WHC Site?
- Hovercraft in Entertainment: Agent Cody Banks in a Neoteric Hovercraft
- Hovercraft Rescue Experiences
- Hoverchairs, Hoverboards and … Hoverwalkers?
- Event Updates, Fast Facts ... and much more!                                                                                                                           


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